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  1. In a studio you don't need a Staff Manager, a Chief  Mixing Engineer, a Building Manager and a Runner. Those are expensive responsibilities which you are paying for.

  2. An ultra expensive acoustic sound treated room. Instead, work with the engineer who can use the characteristics of the space. Some great records were made in a shoebox.

  3. An unlimited amount of gear. You need the right gear. Creativity is born out of limitation.

  4. 15 awesome ultra expensive vintage microphones, instead, have 3 or 4 of those mics precisely placed to color your music.


Why pay for 1 day when you can get 4 days ?

Did you ever felt stressed because hours are flying and you have so much to record?

Frustrated... Because you just had 2 corrections allowed and you forgot one?

That’s why meetings are important, to define a plan and get it going.

This is why we make a contract with you about what we guarantee.

Together, we draw border lines, create a safe space where you can

Be sure of...

Getting the necessary time for every steps of the process.

The assurance that we strive hard to get you confident and happy.

Getting your well balanced and great sounding music done.

Set up a meeting !

In no time we’ll be working together?

For every song there is na audience... Give it the best!


Music is more than notes, rhythms and lyrics put together: sometimes it's a message... of love, political, of how much you're hurt, of hope...

Many times it's a statement... Positive vibe, disagreement, power...

Each message or statement brings new textures, new rhythms and new words... 

Our craft is to translate your ideas into well executed, balanced and great sounding music.

This is done in a calm environment where we'll guide you step by step. So... Why work with us?

Together, we'll transform your ideas into powerfull and great sounding music.

Get your music on track!


From the studio to the stage, we'll guide your through every step of the way.

Creation of a sound and light technical rider, put together a team. Light designer, sound engineers, roadies and road manager.

Book rehearsal room for practice sessions. 

Get you to work with the best musicians if you need a band.

Create and setup backing-tracks if your show needs it. Go through all the logistics to get your there... on stage.

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