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Mastering is the most technical part of the whole process. Also carried out in-house, we always use the best plugin solutions, analog processing (outboard) and tape systems we have, to give the final touch to the dynamic and musical aesthetics of your music.

Each song will have the (file) format adapted to the respective media and platforms .


For the printing of vinyl or discs (the last process of all), the DPP files need to be formatted, so they can be delivered to the printing company will all the naming and "serial numbers" for each track.

Similarly, we provide all the different formats for the digital platforms required by the artist ('s company).

YOU'RE MILES AWAY? We have all the tools to mix your music in real time; soundwise and with video! No more headaches!

In a meantime, why don´t you download the following 10 TIPS. It will help you to understand more of the process DOWNLOAD PDF


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