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All Tracking / Recording will take place at the MasterTape Studio or at any other location of your choice. You will benefit from our exceptional portfolio of Vintage microphones and our remarkable Analog Pre-amps from MIDAS SOUND, straight out of the 90’s.

We offer 2 recording rooms that allow you to record various instruments at the same time, in a professional, efficient and serene environment.

You will also enjoy our Personal Monitoring Elite Core PM-16 system. In addition to the absence of latency, you can tailor any listening (back) experience to the taste of each individual musician.


Directly after Tracking, Editing is a very important step to reach perfect rhythmic and sound cohesion in the final result. Every artistic idea has needs and expectations that we will always try to answer in the best possible way, in order to get an excellent result.

In a meantime, why don´t you download the following 6 TIPS. It will help you to understand more of the process DOWNLOAD PDF


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