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Keep Walkin´ by Sebsays

Live session equipment:

- Drums / 4mics: kick Audix D6, Snare Sm57, Floor STC-2, Overhead Orpheus

- Bass: recorded with DI and re-aamped after for tonal reason

- Guitar: recorded with STC-2 from the Amp

- Key: 2 Di and re-amp after to get more the feeling of an Amplifier

- Backing vocal: Sm58

- Lead vocal: U-87

The challenge was to have a live feeling with a nice production result.

All the EQ were done in analog throught our Midas sound desk as well as the final summing.

Everything else is in-box, using GoohHertz, Fabfilter and fairchild compressor plugins.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering grettings!

MasterTape Studio.


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