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One of those...

MARTA no longer hides; nor does she close the bedroom door to secretly sing and choreograph Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston or Gwen Stefani's songs. That's how she grew up and that's also how her desire to one day walk out that door as an artist grew.

She dreamt of dance and became a dancer, dreamt of music and became a singer. She says she'll be a drummer yet. How can I doubt it?

"Montebello" is the album that presents MARTA, without prejudices that affect her essence. Woman from head to toe, body and heart. Not by chance, the first advance of the album came to public on a March 8 (2021).

It all starts the moment you meet the artist.

In confidence, we can say that it triggered!

From recording to mixing all the ideas were aligned and the will to give our best was very clear.

It was the beginning of a great relationship.

Recording, mixing and mastering gretting!

MasterTape Studio

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